Greetings in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, through the Love of the Father and the Fellowship of the Holy Spirit!

I am extremely excited to begin sharing some of the “snippets”  concerning His Grace which the Lord has revealed to me.  I would like to say, however, that “snippet” may be a relative term.

A “snippet” by definition is “…a small piece snipped off; a small bit, scrap, or fragment:”  

Therefore, I will attempt to keep them small, to the best of my ability!  However, they will not be “one liners”.  These will be teachings, musings, thoughts, revelations, etc., “…a small piece snipped off” of larger and more extensive teachings which I will try to keep simple and easy to digest!  

Besides…., there are for sure a bundle of snippets here and there and everywhere! You may wanna cut off your own snippets from what I share, so I’ll let each of you tend your own garden!

That said, let me FIRST tell you ABOUT ME:

Jeanie April 2014

I am a Minnesota born Irish girl raised in an Irish Catholic home where Jesus became Lord and Savior of my parent’s lives first, and then mine when I was 26 years old. I was not receiving discipleship in the born-again faith through any particular church or denomination at that time. However,  my dad was continually speaking the Word to us without saying that he was doing so. Later, when I got saved I was surprised to see that many of the beautiful things my dad had said to me were actually Scriptures!

Daddy bought himself a Bible that he could read and study on his own when I was 11 years old.  My husband Mark and I are living proof that the Word does not return void.  Three months after my daddy went Home to be with the Lord, Mark and I were hungry to discover what we had felt when the angels escorted him from Earth to Heaven and the ‘Shekinah Glory’ of God filled his hospital room that Labor Day September 5, 1987. That was the beginning of our ‘known” search to find the missing “peace” in our lives.

Subsequently, in December of 1987 both Mark and I got radically saved and filled with Holy Spirit.  After saying “yes” to Jesus, we were  baptized in water and married in January 1988.  We have gratefully and joyfully been walking this Kingdom journey together with the Lord ever since!  

I left Minnesota in 1985, moving to San Antonio, TX to be with Mark.  I enjoyed a career as a Medical Secretary for a neurosurgical group there until Mark and I were blessed to become the parents of two beautiful daughters: First in 1990 and again in 1992. I have loved, and continue to love every minute of the privilege of being their mother! Both of them are now married to the two best son in-laws for which a woman could ask. In the Fall of 2013 our oldest daughter and her husband made us grandparents for the first time!  Being Moirae (say: Mo-ree – term for an Irish grandmother) to this handsome man-of-God-in-the-making is just another supra-abundant blessing from the Lord above! 


“Although ‘Grace’  is most likely the single most significant and attractive word in the Bible, it is also probably among the least studied or understood.”     This quote by Tim Hackett in his book GRACE & LAW/LIFE AND DEATH  defines one of the many reasons we are so passionate about the Lord’s call on our lives, and the mandate He gave us to reveal identity and release people into their destiny through the revelation of the Gospel of Grace and the Finished Work of Jesus at the Cross.

Answering this call has been a two-edged sword: On one side a heavy burden, and the other side our greatest joy to see  “prisoners being set free” from the captivity of performance-based, works-oriented, legalistic Christianity to enjoy a condemnation-free relationship with the Lord!  The name of our ministry is “Shining s’Word Ministries”, and  you may visit our Facebook ministry page at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Shining-sWord-Ministries-Mark-Jeanie-Kunerth/226159347413747

Since God gave us a radical revelation of “the freedom for which Christ has set us free”,  He continues to anoint us to bring the liberating message of the Gospel of His Grace/of Jesus/of the Kingdom, not only to the prisoners of the Criminal Justice System, but to the Church of Jesus Christ at large!

Thus, He launched us into a prison ministry, first in New Mexico and  then Texas beginning in 1996-97.  This was a ministry we never dreamed of pursuing on our own, yet it became one of our most fulfilling assignments along the way!

As we received more and more Holy Spirit revelation about true grace, we discovered that the pews of most Christian churches were also filled with prisoners in bondage to religious legalism and a fear of breaking God’s Law who were clueless about their identity in Christ and the full power of their conversion which took place at Calvary!

We continue to discover to this day an identity crisis going on among so-called believers. Sadly,  until The Church grasps the revelation that She is the pure and spotless Bride of Christ, She will not be effective in the world, nor will She walk in the empowerment of the restored Power, Authority and Dominion with which God originally endued Her!

>>>>>>>>”Without our identity, which is found in Grace, we are nothing more than a fugitive living under the alias of a free man!” (Shelbye Kunerth-Gingerich) 


Since my husband retired in April of 2012, we are now living the Pura Vida (the pure life) in Grecia , Costa Rica and loving every minute of it! Grecia is a quaint little city in the Central Valley of Costa Rica in Central America and means “City of Grace”. Go figure!

It was prophesied over us in 2007 that we would “minister to the Spanish community and language would not be a barrier”.  This had already happened to us while we ministered in a small Spanish church in the barrios of San Antonio during the early years following our ordination in 1993.

The Lord has placed a love in our hearts for the gracious-hearted people of Costa Rica, and we are so blessed that He has planted us here among them!  We are working on learning the language, but meanwhile God has been faithful to that prophetic word in not allowing our lack of fluency to hinder communications with them.  Our current Kingdom Journey assignment is proving to be like Paradise!

Mark and I have come to learn that the Grace and Love of God defies denominational barriers and reaches into the darkest places of mankind through the mind-boggling power of Holy Spirit’s penetrability!  We say “Yay”  for all that God is doing through us as we reveal the identity of Sonship to the orphaned of heart through the Gospel of His Grace while pointing to the way of faith that they may “receive the abundance of Grace and the Gift of His righteousness”!!!



However, freedom isn’t freedom unless we have the right to choose. True repentance is choosing to change our mind to align with His Truth, but it is always our choice to do so!

I will always give sufficient Scripture to prove a revelation or concept.  I will also be careful to never base spiritual ‘truth” on my opinion.  If I do state my opinion about a subject I will do my best to make it clear that it is my opinion and not Scriptural Truth.
Therefore,  I ask that you likewise bring sufficient Scripture in an attempt to disprove a matter should you disagree on a point I have made.  Let us honor one another in the love and grace of the Lord Jesus Christ!

Grace & Peace to you as you indulge in these blogs which carry the purpose and intent to help you discover how to live freely & rest in the righteousness that is now yours as a born-again believer and child of the King! 

It is my sincere prayer that you be encouraged, edified, comforted and set free by these SNIPPETS OF GRACE FOR DAILY LIVING as I have been every day over these past 27 years!!

Ciao…. Jeanie


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